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Visualize design ideas in the classroom with free access to Boost student engagement and confidence in every lesson.

What’s included

Free image generation for schools, universities, and online courses.

Extensive reach is freely available to schools, universities, and online courses.
Free for students and educators
Students get free access to 1,500 images per month until they complete their curriculum. Educators get unlimited free access for life.
Individual access
All sketches, prompts and generated images are only accessible from individual accounts. No one else can see the data unless the account holder chooses to share it publicly.
No explicit content
Student and educator accounts are equipped with a safety checker that filters out explicit content.

Simple application process

Three easy steps to unlock free access for your students and educators.

Hit 'Apply' and send us emails of your users.
Submit a spreadsheet with email addresses for educators and students. Highlight educators and include end of curriculum dates for students.
Register at
Ask your students and educators to register at If they're already registered, they're all set – no further action is required from them.
Get access confirmation.
We’ll process your submitted email addresses and send a confirmation email once free access is granted.
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Accelerate your creative process

Discover how to boost your designs and enhance your workflow.

  • Fashion design

    Leverage AI in fashion design by generating endless unique looks from one single sketch. Experiment with colours, textures and materials to create one-of-a-kind collections of clothes and accessories.

  • Footwear design

    Turn your sketches into photo-like, realistic visuals to showcase your concepts. See how your ai-generated sneakers would look in different styles and materials, and facilitate manufacturing.

  • Automotive design

    Get inspired with innovative design ideas for the cars of the future. Help engineers create the vehicle you’ve always wanted by experimenting on your car rendering sketch with AI.

  • Industrial design

    Create visuals with AI by turning sketches of your projects into clay renderings. Enhance the communication of your ideas to clients and colleagues.

  • Architecture design

    Make the costly decision-making process more efficient than ever with AI renders for architecture. From renovations to new builds, generate 3D renderings of your buildings in different variations.

  • Interior & furniture design

    Upload a photo of your interior to have AI render your room design with a variety of renovation styles and aesthetics. Perfect for interior designers.

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